What’s at stake for the winners and losers of the summer of sport?


By Beehive Money


With a summer jam-packed full of sport, it means there are lots of prizes being won, but how much is at stake for the competitors at each competition?


Wimbledon is a key event in the British sporting calendar, bringing the likes of Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic to South West London, not to mention the infamous strawberries and cream. There’s no Gender Pay Gap to be found at Wimbledon with men’s and women’s prizes equal, the singles champion earning an impressive £2m and the doubles champions taking home £540k per team.  Even a first round appearance will earn you £50K as a singles player, worth getting your racket out for!

Commonwealth Games

Birmingham was named as the 2022 Commonwealth Games host back in 2017, with the games officially opening on the 28th July. Although there are no cash prizes for medalists it is set to be the most expensive sporting event held in the UK since the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games (£8.8bn) costing an estimated £778m, which will cover improvements to existing venues, building a new aquatics centre and an athlete’s village. With over 5,000 athletes arriving in the city from over 70 nations athletes that perform well in the games can expect to increase their earning potential through endorsements and sponsorships.

UEFA Women's EURO 2022

Not only are the Commonwealth games coming to the Britain this year, but we're also hosting the UEFA Women’s Euro tournament for the second time, which gets underway on 6th July. Prize money is accumulated throughout the tournament, with prizes available for a win at each stage of the competition. A group stage win will earn the team €100,000 with €50,000 up for grabs for a draw. Progressing to the quarterfinals is worth €205,000 to a team, and if they can make it to the semi-finals, it’s worth an additional €320,000. For the two teams reaching the final €660,000 is at stake, with €420,000 available as a runner up prize. All of this means the winning team can earn a cool €2,085,000 if they win all of their group matches, this on top of a full-size replica of the trophy and gold medal for each of the winning team members.

Tour de France

Meanwhile, across the Channel cyclists have already crossed the start line in this year’s Tour de France. This year’s prizes are worth over €2m; the prize money being split daily between the jersey competitions, and stages. The overall winner will ride away with €500,000, second with €200,000 and third €100,000 with all riders that finish the race taking home €1,000. As the success of the riders relies heavily on teamwork traditionally riders pool their prize money as a team with one being nominated to look after the kitty and distribute between riders and team staff.

FIFA Men's World Cup 

In a normal world cup year we would be gearing up to support our men’s football teams in the World Cup during the summer, however this year is a little different with the World Cup kicking off on 21st November in Qatar. That’s not the only change, this year sees an increase in the prize money with each of the 32 qualifying teams receiving $2.5 million to help prepare for the tournament.  The 16 teams that are eliminated during the group stages will receive $10 million each. Quarter finalists receive $12 million each and the four teams knocked out at the quarter finals stage receiving $16 million each. As well as the incredibly valuable trophy and medals the wining team is set to earn $50 million with second, third and fourth places earning $32, $26 and $22 million respectively.

With those prizes in mind, you really do have to be in it to win it. What would you do with your winnings?