Five apprenticeship myths - busted!


By Beehive Money

Apprenticeship Week 1
National Apprenticeship Week runs 7th-13th February this year. The annual event, which is actually on it's 15th year of running, is a big drive to celebrate apprenticeships and the positive impact they can have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy. The theme for this year's National Apprenticeship Week is 'build the future'; reflecting on how apprenticeships can help young people develop the skills and knowledge required to go forward and build a rewarding career for themselves and for businesses to develop a talented workforce that is equipped with future-ready skills.

Before we tell you about some of the apprenticeships available with The Nottingham, let's bust some myths on what an apprenticeship is and who it's for. We'll chat a lot about The Nottingham in this article as Beehive Money is a part of Nottingham Building Society. 

The myths

  1. "They're easy, not recognised qualifications and a lot of employers don’t value apprenticeship qualifications."
    Our Talent Development Manager Gareth explains "An apprenticeship is a way to learn a profession and gain a nationally recognised professional qualification, whilst working in that profession and earning a salary. Apprenticeships are recognised as the gold standard for work-based training, with more than 130,000 employers offering apprenticeships."

  2. "I won't get the same support and time to do my qualification from an employer if I ‘just’ do an apprenticeship."
    Gareth continues; " As well as receiving the same development opportunities as all employees we support apprentices through:

    On-the-job training

    Working with a trainer, an apprentice will develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours to perform in their job role. An assessor will visit at regular intervals to review and monitor apprentice’s performance.

    Off-the-job training
    20% of apprentice training will be classed as off-the-job. This may include residential learning as well as time during your normal working hours to complete tasks set, e-learning or remote learning, assignments, or mentor guided tasks.

  3. "Apprenticeships are just for manual work."
    This might have been true in the past, but these days a range of industries have apprenticeship programmes, including accounting, project management, financial services - like us, digital marketing, operational management, and more. In the past we've had apprenticeships available in our Branch Network, Finance, IT, People & Development and Risk teams. 

    Apprentices follow a clear plan of training in whatever specific criteria and competencies they'd need to fulfil the job role at a full-time level. This involves key tasks and they'll also have an important role within the teams that they're working with. Apprentices start contributing to their job role and the wider team from day one.

  4. "It's always minimum apprenticeship wage."
    Lots of apprenticeships are paid the minimum apprenticeship wage and allow apprentices to earn whilst they also learn but at The Nottingham our minimum salary for apprentices over a year is £12,000. Plus, our apprentices are eligible for an annual bonus just like the rest of our team members. They also have access to The Nottingham's two paid days of volunteering per year and have exactly the same holiday allowances as the wider team. Essentially, our apprentices here at The Nottingham and Beehive Money have all the same employee benefits and opportunities whilst completing their qualifications. 

  5. "Apprenticeships are only for school-age leavers"
    This one definitely isn't true. At The Nottingham and Beehive Money we offer apprenticeships to people usually between 16 and 24 years old but this isn't a hard and fast rule, as long as you're above 16 you can express interest in becoming an apprentice. 

Apprenticeship Week 2

Opportunities with The Nottingham and Beehive Money

The Nottingham and Beehive Money have had an apprenticeship scheme since 2016 and have helped around 20 apprentices finish their qualifications and move on into further employment. 

Beehive is a brand that some of our apprentices have worked up to become Team Leaders on. Chloe started as an apprentice at The Nottingham in the mortgage and savings administration team at Head Office and achieved her Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service. After three years in this team she moved on to experience life in our Branch Network working her way up to be Assistant Branch Manager. After this, Chloe moved back to Head Office to combine her years of experience into a new role - Team Leader of the Customer Engagement team who look after Beehive Money. Chloe says "a personal development plan is a great way to reach your career goals, by speaking to your line manager they can help you to plan one out and it's an amazing way to keep track of what you've acheived."

Apprenticeship Week 3

Find out more about National Apprenticeship Week 2022 on the website or on the Career Map website for National Apprenticeship Week