When you took out your Beehive Money Savings Account or Nottingham Building Society Lifetime ISA you agreed to our standard Online Savings Terms & Conditions (Ts&Cs) which provide important information about the ongoing running and management of your account. 

Alongside the changes we’ve made to Beehive Money we’ve made some small changes to the Ts&Cs, many of which should make it easier to manage your account. As a way of showing our commitment to being open and transparent we want to share these changes with you. You do not need to do anything. You can always find a copy of the Ts&Cs on our website and can access them here now. The summary of changes we have made is as follows:


The Ts&Cs have been updated to reflect the new Beehive Money brand and the range of products now available via the app. 

Opening an account 
Beehive Money will be available to customers over the age of 18 and in single names only 

Managing your account
Normal office hours: We have changed telephone operating hours to Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. You will find most of your requirements can now be self-served in the app at a time to suit you. 

Online account hours: Your Beehive Money Savings Account can now be accessible 24/7. Please be aware some transactions made between midnight and 6am may not be processed until 6am due to data and technical updates also happening at this time.

Ways of contacting you: We’ve increased the ways in which we can contact you about your account to include secure message, email, text, push notification, telephone, or post.

Statements: any transactions you make are viewable in the app. Full statements are available on request by contacting our Customer Advocates. Statements will be viewable in the app by the end of the year. 

Changing your account details
You’ll be able to change your account details such as name, address, contact details and nominated bank account in the app, without needing to contact one of our team. The app contains guides as well as access to your virtual assistant, BeeBot, if you need it. 

Keeping you informed
Notices: Where we need to update you about a change to your savings account, such as the interest rate or Ts&Cs we will do this via email or text. 

Keeping your account secure
We’ve updated your login details to require email and password to make your account easier to manage whilst keep your account secure. For your protection we’ve also updated the circumstances where access to an account might be suspended. 

Managing your data
Privacy policy: We have removed the reference to our privacy policy from our Ts&Cs. You can access it at any time via our website. 

Making a complaint
Whilst we hope you won’t need it, we’ve made it clearer about how you can make a complaint. You can use BeeBot to assist you with making a complaint if you need it.

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