Cookies Policy

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded on to your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit a website. 

We use cookies when you visit our websites for the following reasons:

  • To make our websites as easy as possible to use
  • To keep the websites secure
  • To help us understand how effective our website content is and the performance of our marketing
  • To help with advertising campaigns.

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There are two different types of cookies our websites use:

  1. First party cookies - these are cookies we use to help with the running of the website.
  2. Third party cookies - these are cookies that are managed by a third party but are placed on our website. These cookies are often used to help monitor activity on the website.

First party cookies that we currently use

Essential first party cookies

  • ASP.NET_SessionID - these are used to help us update our website
  • beehivemoney-cookie-consent - this is used to remember whether the user has given permission to track them with the use of cookies.

Third party cookies that we currently use

The third party cookies we use are as follows:

Google Analytics 

  • _ga (expires after 2 years)
  • _gid (expires after 24 hours)
  • _gat (expires after 2 years)
  • _gtag (expires after 2 years).

These cookies are managed by Google Analytics and we use them to understand the number of website visits, how users find the website and how they use the website.


  • _fbp.

These cookies are managed by Facebook to help them serve their ads in a more targeted way. 


  • _vwo_ds (30 minutes)
  • _vwo_sn (30 minutes)
  • _vwo_uuid (366 days)
  • _vwo_uuid_v2 (366 days)
  • _ vwoSn.

These are cookies managed by VWO and they are used to improve the visitor’s experience by providing heatmap recording and analytics.