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Fixed rate account

The interest rate on your savings account remains the same until a specific date.

Forgotten username

When registering with Beehive Money you will be asked to set a username that’s familiar and unique to you. Should you forget your username you will need to answer a series of security questions for us to release the username to you. One of the responses is your date of birth. You can use the calendar... Read More

Gross interest

Interest is paid on your savings without any deductions for income tax.

How do I know what interest rate I am getting?

You can see your interest rate on the account summary page and if you select a particular account it will be displayed in the top left section of the page.

How to apply for another account

To open another account just login and select Open New Account from the menu. Then select the product you are interested in and click Apply. As we already hold the information about you that we need, it will only take a few moments to complete the application and open another account with us.

How do I change my correspondence address?

If you need to change your home address you will need to send us a secure message telling us your new address.

How do I change my nominated bank account?

Your nominated bank account is the external bank account that your money will be transferred to and from. If you wish to change this account, select My Details from the main menu and click Change nominated bank account. Enter your bank account details and submit. We will send you an email to confirm... Read More

How do I change the account my interest is paid into?

If you have a fixed term account you can change the account your interest is paid into. Select the account, and click the tab Account Details. At the bottom of the page you will be able to change the account your interest payments are made, either to your nominated bank account or to the fixed term account.

How do I change my email address?

Select My Details from the main menu and select Change email address where you will need to enter your new email address. We will send you an SMS with a passcode that you will need to enter before the change is made. We will send an email to your old and new email addresses to confirm the change has... Read More

How do I change my mobile phone number?

Select My Details from the main menu and click Change phone number. You will need to submit your new mobile number and one of our customer service team will contact you on your new number to confirm the change. You will be sent an email to inform you that you have requested to change your phone number.

Last updated: 19/03/2020 at 11:38

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