Asked Questions

How do I change my password?

Select My Details from the main menu and click Change Password. We will send you a text message with a passcode that you will need to enter before the change is made. You will need to enter your existing password and your new password twice before saving. We will send you an email to confirm that your... Read More

How do I make a withdrawal?

On the individual account page select the tab Move your money. You will see three requirements: Which account is the money coming from? The From account will automatically default to the account you are on, but you will be able to change this if you have more than one account by clicking on the from... Read More

I’m being asked for a mobile phone number but I don’t have one

To protect your account, we have included a security feature which means you will need a mobile phone number to complete certain activities within your account.   So, for example before you can withdraw your money we will send a text message to your mobile phone which includes a passcode. This will... Read More

I'm having problems seeing the site on my mobile phone

The website has been built to work best when viewed in landscape mode.  If you are holding your phone in portrait mode turn it 90 degrees to see the full Beehive Money functionality.

I clicked the activation link but I can not see anything

The activation email is only valid once. If you do not complete your activation straight after clicking, you will have to get another activation link emailed to you. Just call our customer service team on 0344 481 0933 and they will resend it to you.

I've not received my registration email

If you have not received your registration email or you can’t find it, call our customer service team on 0344 481 0933 and they will resend it to you.

I live in an area with poor mobile phone reception

Security features we have in place mean we have to text you a passcode before you can complete transactions online. If you have poor mobile phone reception it may mean you will not receive your passcode within the 15 minute window allocated to making transactions.  If this is the case you can call... Read More

Individual Savings Account (ISA)

ISA stands for Individual Savings Account and is a tax free savings account.

Maturity date

The maturity date of a savings account is a date that is part of the terms and conditions that an account will close. Only some accounts will have a maturity date - usually ones with a higher rate of interest that can only be earned for a limited period.

Mutual building society

A mutual building society is owned by its customers and run for their benefit. Unlike banks, there’s not a focus on driving profit to pay external shareholders. Beehive Money is part of Nottingham Building Society which is a mutual building society.