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Terms and conditions

Before you can submit an application for an account you must read the terms and conditions associated to it.


The movement of money either into or out of your account.

Variable rate

The interest rate can change.

What are account transactions?

Account transactions are a view of all the money that has been paid in or transferred out of your account, including withdrawals to your nominated account. It also shows the interest that has been paid into the account. To view your account transactions, from the account summary page (the page you see... Read More

What happens when my account matures?

If you have a fixed term account we will email you prior to your account maturing. As a valued customer we will give you options to reinvest your money into another account. When you log in and select Manage account on your maturing account, you will be shown the options that are available to you so... Read More

What is a joint account?

A joint account allows two people to open and access an account. The first named person on the application is known as the primary account holder, and the second person named is known as the secondary account holder. The money in the joint account belongs to both of you, and you are both able to... Read More

What is a nominated bank account?

When you open your account with us you will be asked to give us details for your nominated bank account. This is the main external bank or building society account any withdrawals you make will go to. Your nominated bank account has to be in your name, or if a joint account, must have at least the primary... Read More

What is a secure message?

We will never send you an email that has personal information in it. If we want to communicate with you about your account we will send you a secure message that you can only see if you log in to your account(s). We will send you an email to inform you that a message is waiting. When you log in to your... Read More

What is My Messages?

If you want to send us messages about your account and be confident that they are secure you can use My Messages. From here you can send messages and read responses we have sent.

When will deposits show in my account?

If you transfer money into another Beehive account, the money will be available in the account on the same day. If you transfer money by 4pm on a working day, it will be processed on that day. If you transfer after 4pm or on a non-business day, it will be processed on the next working day. A working... Read More

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