Activating your new
Beehive Money account

Browser compatibility

The best browser to view Beehive Money on is Chrome. This is a free Google browser and helps enhance your experience on the internet, particularly if you use an iPad or similar tablet. Your browsers will look like this on your desktop or portable device. If you are not already using Chrome you... Read More

Checking your personal details when registering

As part of registration you need to ensure we have a mobile phone number and email address for you. If we don't hold this information we will prompt you for the information when you register.

Forgotten username

When registering with Beehive Money you will be asked to set a username that’s familiar and unique to you. Should you forget your username you will need to answer a series of security questions for us to release the username to you. One of the responses is your date of birth. You can use the calendar... Read More

I’m being asked for a mobile phone number but I don’t have one

To protect your account, we have included a security feature which means you will need a mobile phone number to complete certain activities within your account.   So, for example before you can withdraw your money we will send a text message to your mobile phone which includes a passcode. This will... Read More

I'm having problems seeing the site on my mobile phone

The website has been built to work best when viewed in landscape mode.  If you are holding your phone in portrait mode turn it 90 degrees to see the full Beehive Money functionality.

I clicked the activation link but I can not see anything

The activation email is only valid once. If you do not complete your activation straight after clicking, you will have to get another activation link emailed to you. Just call our customer service team on 0344 481 0933 and they will resend it to you.

I've not received my registration email

If you have not received your registration email or you can’t find it, call our customer service team on 0344 481 0933 and they will resend it to you.

I live in an area with poor mobile phone reception

Security features we have in place mean we have to text you a passcode before you can complete transactions online. If you have poor mobile phone reception it may mean you will not receive your passcode within the 15 minute window allocated to making transactions.  If this is the case you can call... Read More

Setting your password

Passwords must be at least 10 characters long and must contain at least one upper and lower case letter and a number.

Setting your username

Before you can start using your Beehive Money account you will need to set your username. You will use this together with your password to log into your account. Your username must be between 8-10 characters and should contain only letters and numbers, any other characters are not allowed. Before confirming... Read More