Closing an

On the individual Account page, select the Move Your Money tab. You will find the options to close the account here. We’ll send you an email to confirm your closure request. We will also send you an SMS with a password that you will need to enter successfully to complete the closure. We will then send you a final email to confirm your account has been closed and your balance has been transferred to your nominated bank account. 

Once you have closed your account the page will refresh and show your account balance with the interest added. 

Accounts closed before 4pm on a working day will still show as open until after 4pm. It will then change to closed and your money will be released to your nominated bank account. Accounts closed after 4pm on a working day will show as open and the money will not be released to your nominated bank account until after 4pm on the following working day. So, for example, if you close your account on a Friday at 6pm, your account will show as open until 4pm the following Monday and your money will be released to your nominated bank account on the Monday after 4pm.

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Last updated: 04/11/2019 at 14:39

Essential maintenance

Essential maintenance Access to your Beehive Money account will be temporarily unavailable from 7pm on 13th November through to 6am on 14th November and again from 7pm on 15th November to 6am on 16th November whilst we complete a scheduled system upgrade.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause

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