How do I change my
nominated bank account?

Your nominated bank account is the external bank account that your money will be transferred to and from. If you wish to change this account, select My Details from the main menu and click Change nominated bank account. Enter your bank account details and submit. We will send you an email to confirm that you have requested the change. Then one of our customer service team will call your mobile to verify you and the new bank details. Once we have made the changes we will send you an email to confirm that the change has been made.

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Last updated: 08/04/2019 at 10:17

Existing customers

If you previously held an esaver online account with The Nottingham, you will have been transferred to Beehive Money. To take advantage of the new features or to open new accounts you must have activate your new Beehive Money account.

If you have not activated your account you can find out how to activate it here or you can call our customer service team on 0344 481 0933.

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