Opening a
joint account

Opening a joint account is similar to opening a sole account except we require information on each named person on the account. The first name on the application will be the primary account holder, and the second name on the application will be the secondary account holder.

The nominated bank account (the external bank account you can move money to) has to be in the name of the primary account holder, and only the primary account holder will be able to change the nominated bank account or decide what happens to fixed rate products at the end of their term.

Once you have registered for a joint account both account holders on the application will need to register to use their account online and money will need to be paid into the account within 14 days of opening it, otherwise your account will be closed.

You will only get to see account information for those accounts on which you are named, so if you hold both joint and sole accounts with Beehive Money, other holders will not be able to see information on your sole accounts.

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