Joint account

Later this year, we’ll be making some exciting changes to Beehive Money. Unfortunately, the changes we’re making mean we’re no longer able to support joint accounts. 

If you have a joint account with us, you should have received a letter outlining your options (these are summarised below). In the letter we also provided some guidance notes and an options form for you to complete and return. These documents are available here:

If we haven’t heard from you by 25th May 2021 and you haven’t closed your account online, we’ll close it for you a few days after this and your balance will be transferred into your nominated account. We’ll then send you confirmation this has been completed. 

Summary of options

1. Carry on saving with Beehive Money 

If you’d like to continue saving with Beehive Money you can: 
  • Transfer your money to a different Beehive Money account held in a single name
  • Change your joint account to one single account in one of your names
  • Change your joint account to multiple single accounts, one in each account holder’s name.

2. Stick with a joint account, but now with The Nottingham 

If you’d like to keep a joint account you can do this with The Nottingham (the building society behind Beehive Money)

  • If you already hold a joint account with The Nottingham you can just transfer your money over
  • If you don’t have an account with The Nottingham and live near a branch, we’d be more than happy to help you find a suitable branch savings account. You'll need to close your Beehive Money account online first.

3. Close your Beehive Money account

If neither of the above options are right for you, unfortunately the only other option is to close your Beehive Money account and your savings will be transferred to your nominated bank account. 

If you need help to work out the best option for you please contact our customer service team via email on or by calling 0344 481 0933. Our lines are open 9.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

We’d like to thank you for saving with Beehive Money and hope we can continue to look after your savings.