Our partnership with Bee1

Bees are our planet’s hardest working pollinators and providers. They really do keep the world turning – without them our food and economy would be at risk, which is why we’re working with Bee1, based in South Wales, and sponsoring our own hives which has put four colonies of bees to work, pollinating around 800 million plants.

Bee1 is an organisation who’re dedicated to protecting our bee population and was formed to address the decline in pollinators both locally and globally. Beehive’s part of The Nottingham, a mutual building society, which over the last ten years alone has donated over £1.2m to help communities thrive, benefitting over 50,000 people. We’ve partnered together since 2020 with our similar ethos and drive to ensure we’re making a positive difference to the future of our planet and that starts with bees.

A contribution of the funds raised by Bee1 are invested to support local charities, university research projects and to develop education programmes for school children to ensure that everyone is in the know about keeping our nation’s honeybees alive and well.

If you’re interested in how you can personally get involved with protecting the bee population, you can read up all about bees on our blog in some of our articles written in conjunction with Bee1. Did you know that bees are especially busy in autumn?