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About us

When it comes to managing our money, most of us have a brighter future in mind. Whether it’s buying a house, building a pension, saving for something special or supporting the family, these goals give us purpose and peace of mind. But by being part of Beehive Money, just like bees in a hive, we’re all working towards something bigger. 

As pollinators and providers, bees keep the world turning – and at Beehive Money we’re doing our best to follow their lead. We’re working to build a brighter future for our members, our colleagues and our communities, while doing good for the world around us.

Celebrity Beekeepers

Helping communities blossom

At Beehive Money, we’re part of The Nottingham, a mutual building society, which over the last ten years alone has donated over £1.2m to help communities thrive and benefiting over 50,000 people. With a focus on issues around homelessness, employability and financial education, we have given back through fundraising, grants and volunteering. And it doesn’t stop there. In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve also supported a range of other causes, like targeting food poverty and reducing social isolation. 

But, with a brighter future in mind, we’re not just thinking about now. We’re working hard to help generations of young people reach their potential and build their own brighter future. We support hundreds of 16 to 24-year-olds through financial education and employability programmes created by the Society, Money Academy and Career Academy, which boost employment.

As a nod to our namesake, we’re building a brighter future by supporting the UK’s bee population. We’re sponsoring our own hives and wildflower meadows, with four brand new colonies putting 200,000 bees to work. And, as Beehive Money grows, so will the beehives and natural environments we create and support, with sustainability targets to help us along the way. There are so many exciting things to come, so watch this space.

Valuing our people

In any hive, it’s down to the bees to work together and create something incredible. So, we’re working to build a brighter future for our teams.

  • We’re giving our people paid volunteering days to encourage them to help worthy causes, working with local charities to create opportunities.
  • We’re busily working to address pay inequality and other gender injustice in the workplace. In fact, we’ve been signatories of the Women in Finance charter for the last 15 years.
  • We’re building a more inclusive and diverse workplace, so every Beehive team member feels they belong and believes the work we do will build a more financially inclusive society.
Beehive Money - How to make your gardn bee friendly

The mutual benefit

We believe being a mutual organisation is what sets us apart. It means we don’t have shareholders or investors. Instead, we’re 100% owned by our members and use our money to do good, investing in our communities, responsible causes, and – well, you. 

Our goal is not profit over everything; it’s doing the right thing. We show this by:

  • Investing our money in the right way, like helping people get mortgages for their homes or businesses.
  • Researching where (and how) to give back to our members and communities. We do this through following the latest guidance and regulation, as well as our own values.
  • Being transparent in all we do, like the places where we invest. It’s all in our annual report.