Improving your credit score

Reporting your rent payments could boost your credit position - that's why we've teamed up with CreditLadder, the first and only way for you to do this with the four main CRA's (or Credit Reference Agencies) in the UK.

Your credit position is one of the aspects of a mortgage application that a lender really scrutinises. Having a higher credit score for a mortgage shows them how good you are at paying money that you’ve borrowed back. Having a higher credit position would show them that you’re a safer bet to lend money to than someone with a lower credit score. Lenders could also be inclined to offer you a lower rate or you’ll potentially have more offers to choose from, so you’d be able to choose the rate that suits you. 

As well as the standard mobile phone contracts and our other credit score boosting tips, reporting your rent payments can boost your credit position too. It can prove that you’ve been making repayments for a set time. Interested in adding rent payments to your credit report? Through our expert partner you’ll be able to:

  1. Report your rent to the four main Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs) in the UK - the companies that set your credit score and track your history, Experian, Equifax, TransUnion and Crediva.
  2. Have your rent payments considered for your actual credit score by Equifax and TransUnion.
  3. Have your rent payments included in your report for all four CRAs.
  4. Want to know how to improve your credit score? Check out our article all about credit scores which has some tips on how to boost your score.

Start reporting your rent payments today and see if you can improve your credit score or learn more about CreditLadder.

This service is provided through Beehive Money’s Marketplace by CreditLadder - the UK’s first rent reporting platform. CreditLadder allows tenants to have their rent payments reported to the four main CRAs in the UK.

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