Home surveys

What is a house survey?

A home buying survey is an important part of the buying process, and it means you, as the buyer, knows what condition the property that you’re purchasing is in. It’ll always be done by a professional property surveyor, for example from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and they’ll provide you with a report that shows you, on a scale, the state of everything that makes up the building such as the electrics, roof, pointing on outside walls and more. 

With home surveys via the Beehive app, we’ll put you in touch with our expert partner and they’ll deal with all the fiddly bits, and you’ll have a service that includes the following:

  1. On average, surveys turnaround within two weeks.
  2. National coverage.
  3. Minimum wait times meaning you'll only see surveyors who match with your personal timing needs.
  4. Dedicated survey team offering personal service. 

Do I need a home survey?

Having a home survey isn’t a necessity for your home purchase but it can be really helpful for you to understand exactly what condition the property you’re buying is in. 

To book a home survey you can call 0330 0366 391, email or you can learn more about Optimus.

If you decide to get a house survey through Beehive, this service is provided by Optimus and brought to our members through the Beehive in-app Marketplace and website.

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We can help you with all your homebuying needs and hope to help you along the way with our carefully picked specialist partners.

Improve your credit score

How to boost your credit score and credit position is something that homeowners often ask us. Why? Your credit position is one of the things that mortgage lenders scruntinise when it comes to your application. Building up your credit score and credit position can help you seem like a more reliable person to lend to, and you may be able to access a wider range of deals.

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Mortgage advice

Mortgage advice is help from an expert mortgage adviser to choose a deal that’s right for you. There are hundreds of deals and lenders on the market so it can be tricky to decide on the right one for you without having expert advice. We’re happy to say you can get mortgage advice from Mortgage Advice Bureau via Beehive Money - they’ll search over 90 lenders and 12,000 deals for you.

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Conveyancing services are the legalities that you need to go through in order to sell or buy a property. It covers things like Land Registry, contracts, transferring money and making sure the legal ownership is passed on to the right person. Conveyancing solicitors will help you navigate the journey from buyer to owner with all the paperwork and processes in between.

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