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About Beehive Money

Find out more about Beehive Money including our savings app and website.

Who is Beehive Money?

Beehive Money is the savings app that helps you look after your money, and the world around you. No tricky applications or confusing jargon: just easy, ethical saving for the things that matter. 

At Beehive, we are inspired by our namesake: bees. Like bees, we work as a collective, both with our members (that’s you!) and with our colleagues. We’re a helpful, open and inclusive place where we want everyone to feel they belong. 

Although it’s our key feature, Beehive is much more than just a savings app. It’s a supportive community where you can grow your money and learn new things. Just like a hive grows and adapts, so do we, investing in our community, responsible causes, and – well, you.

We're building something meaningful

In everything we do, and the way we do it, we take inspiration from one of the smartest, most collaborative and hardest working creatures on the planet. When bees come together, they create something safe, strong and meaningful, and that’s just what we’re building for your money. We want to make money easy to understand, and even easier to manage. And, just like the humble bee, we’re always working to the bigger picture. 

Through our app and community, we hope to give you the tools and understanding you need to do more with your money. From the right account to the right direction, we’ll guide you on the right path so you can meet your goals and build a brighter future along the way. And when you do, we’ll celebrate those milestones with you.

It's a mutual thing

While we might be the new bee on the block, we’re old at heart as Beehive is part of The Nottingham - a building society founded way back in 1849. We’ve spent over 170 years trying to build a more equal society and make finances a little fairer. All that experience means we really understand money and how much it impacts your life. 

Instead of being run by shareholders, chasing profits over everything, we use our money for good, from volunteering in our communities, to donating to environmental causes and investing in financial education. As pollinators and providers, bees keep the world turning – and we’re doing our best to follow their lead.

It’s not just that we’re part of a mutual that makes us kinder. We empower and educate our communities, and sponsor environmental causes, like our very own beehives that you can read more about that here. We are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact in everything we do from energy to waste and recycling. Our head office and The Nottingham’s branch waste collections are certified Zero to Landfill, we use a green energy provider and are converting to renewable energy where possible. So, when we say you’re saving for a brighter future, it’s not just yours we’re talking about. You’re helping to look after the world around you too.

Everything we do is with a brighter future in mind. We listen to our members and ask them to share feedback and ideas, helping shape our roadmap. You can do this by sending us your suggestions to and play your part in building a brighter future.