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Downloading The app

Your questions answered about downloading the Beehive Money app.

Is the app right for me? arrow

Beehive Money helps you afford the things that matter. No tricky applications or confusing jargon: just easy, ethical saving, accessed anytime. You’ll have everything you need to meet your goals, all in one app. With the app you’ll be able to effortlessly check your account balance, view recent transactions and make withdrawals. Our videos show you more.

How do I download the app? arrow

Getting access to the Beehive app couldn’t be easier. Head to the App Store on Apple devices or Google Play on Android devices and type in Beehive Money, then tap download. After that, simply follow the instructions you see on your screen.

Protecting your money arrow

We draw on a wide range of best practice guidance from industry and Government to make sure we have the right people, processes and technology in place to keep you, your data and our systems safe and secure from any malicious individuals. 

We constantly review and improve our approaches to be sure we’re equipped to deal with the latest threats. We also review and monitor ongoing compliance and are compliant with our policies (cookies policy, privacy policy and legal information).