2021 Sustainability Report


By Beehive Money

Beehive Sustainability Highlights News Story
The Nottingham was founded in 1849 to help people save and buy a home. Plus, we focused on giving back to the wider community too. Today, as a group of brands, we remain responsible, ethical and socially conscious by nature with Beehive Money being our latest ethical adventure - our go-to place for easy, ethical savings. As part of a mutual this means there aren't any shareholders and profits aren't our main goal. People are at the heart of everything we do and our main objectives are to help our members manage their money better and buy their first homes more easily.  The first sustainability report for The Nottingham and Beehive Money is here and we're really excited to share some of our plans for the next year. Being a responsible society is really who we are, and who we want to be and we'd love to share some Society-wide highlights from 2021 with you. 
  • We've given £120,000 to local charities and organisations - donations that have come from our newly launched Samuel Fox Foundation.
  • Spent almost 1,000 hours volunteering, which we have continued into 2022. Get an idea of some of the volunteering we do and check out one of this year's activities at Operation Orphan in reaction to the Ukraine crisis. 
  • Trained 5% of our team across the society to become Mental Health First Aiders.
  • Sponsored 200,000 lovely bees in South Wales with Bee1 which have been busy pollinating 800m plants!
  • We've also set new Net Zero and Carbon Neutral pledges for the future which we can't wait to get cracking on.
See you next year with our 2022 highlights!

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