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Advertorial Content with Clare Seal from @myfrugalyear 

We've teamed up with money columnist and author Clare Seal who grew to Instagram fame whilst anonymously documenting her journey to paying off 'five figures' of personal debt. Since getting back in the black Clare has become an inspirational voice across social media who is normalising debt, money struggles and providing guidance from her own personal point of view. We asked her to recommend five finance books that she's personally found helpful, interesting or inspiring to share with our members here at Beehive. 

1. You're Not Broke, You're Pre-Rich by Emilie Bellet 
The first book in Clare's recommendation on our Instagram account is You're Not Broke, You're Pre-Rich by ex financial analyst Emilie Bellet. According to Bellet this book's all about 'How to streamline your finances, stay in control of your bank balance and have more ££' and Clare recommended it as a "brilliant, concise, straight to the point and practical book" and explained how Emilie is "passionate about getting women on the same page as men when it comes to finance." Emilie created the Vestpod platform for women as "a way to provide education and a community for women to start breaking the taboo around money. Vestpod is a digital platform with a popular weekly newsletter as well as personal finance workshops and networking events."

2. Black Girl Finance by Selina Flavius 

Selina runs Black Girl Finance, a business designed to 'fill a gap in the personal development for Black women' and she was also voted British Bank Awards Online Financial Influencer of the Year 2021. Her book is designed to guide money management and help Black women become 'excited about your financial future'. Clare describes her concise book as full of "practical exercises" such as goal-setting and budgeting that address the race and gender pay gap. Visit Selina's website for more information on Black Girl Finance their financial coaching, podcast, workshops, events and more.


3. Open Up: Why Talking About Money Will Change Your Life by Alex Holder 
Alex Holder's book tackles the premise of 'being bad' with money. She attacks this head on by announcing that we need to talk about it and get rid of the shame and silence around finances. Clare says that this book is "not like a money book I've ever recommended before!" as it "interviews a huge spectrum of different people and their situations, circumstances and privileges" and explores how talking about money can transform your relationship with it leading to better relationships and influencing bigger issues like pay gaps and the living wage. 

4. We Need To Talk About Money by Otegha Uwagba
Otegha Uwagba is a writer, speaker and consultant who's third book is art of Clare's recommendations. We Need To Talk About Money is a Sunday Times bestseller that's part cultural commentary and part memoir that explains how her relationship with money has shaped her own life. Clare thinks that it's an "amazing book" that "really makes you think". Between 2016 – 2020 she ran Women Who, a community for creative women that Otegha 'set up with the aim of helping women think, work, and live better by providing digital content and hosting regular events and workshops'.

5. Real Life Money by Clare Seal
The last book in Clare's recommendations is her own - Real Life Money, her personal account of how she turned her financial life around. "In the book I talk about debt and the stigma and shame that comes from it."  As well as her work on Instagram and as a columnnist for Glamour magazine Clare has founded The Financial Wellbeing Forum, 'A place for honest, emotionally intelligent conversation and information about money.'