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Opening an account

Your questions answered about opening an account with Beehive Money.

Wo can apply for an account? arrow

Age criteria varies as we offer lots of different types of savings accounts. For Lifetime ISAs, it's 18-39. For cash ISAs it's over 18. Whatever the case, you’ll be able to find information on the website or we’ll explain during the set-up process. 

For any type of account, you need to be a UK resident, with a UK-registered mobile number and a unique email address. You’ll also need to be a UK tax resident. We’ll need your National Insurance number, and you’ll need to have a valid current account elsewhere to use as your nominated bank account - this is where any withdrawals you make from Beehive will land so is one of the steps to make sure your money is safe.

How can I apply for an account? arrow

You can open an account online. It won't take long – just make sure you have your National Insurance number, email address, mobile number, and your photocard driving licence or passport to hand as you'll need them for your first application. 

We'll also ask for the details of your nominated bank account, which will need to be a valid UK current account. You can apply quickly and easily by following the steps in our app or online. If you’ve already got an account, then applying for a second account is super easy - log in to the app, find the account you’re interested in and click open.

Can I open a second Beehive Money account? arrow

If you’d like to open another savings account with Beehive Money, we’re buzzing! Simply head to the app and click Add Accounts. You’ll be able to browse the other accounts available and toggle between tax-free and taxable to choose whichever you’re looking for. 

Remember you can only ever have one Lifetime ISA and open one Cash ISA each tax year.