Regular savings accounts

If you'd like to put money away on a monthly basis or are looking to get into the habit of saving a bit more, a Beehive regular savings account could be the savings account you need. 

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What’s a regular savings account?

Are you wanting to save for something special and looking to start saving regularly? If your answer is yes, this type of account may benefit you. With Beehive regular savers you can pay in a set amount of money each month, generally between £1 and £500. You can make multiple deposits within a month as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum monthly amount and, if needed, you can miss as many monthly payments as you like. 

You won't be able to withdraw any money you save until the term ends so you need to be sure you won’t need access to it, however, keep it in there without any withdrawals and you'll receive a lump sum of interest.

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The highlights

  • usersUK residents aged 18 or over
  • mouse-pointerOpen online with £1 today
  • lockFixed term which ends on 05/04/2023
  • sackSave up to £500 every month
  • piggy-bankBuild up your savings steadily
  • check-circleNo withdrawals, funds will be available from 06/04/2023
  • mobileManage your account 24/7

Why choose a regular savings account?


Steadily build up your savings

A regular saver could be a great option if you want to steadily build up your savings pot - perfect if you're saving for something special.


Make multiple deposits

Pay in whatever and whenever you like, without having to commit to fixed payments (remember you're capped on how much you can pay in each month).


Reach your goals

Download the app, set your goals, follow milestones and be more likely to achieve them with Beehive's handy savings tools.

Choose an account

You can open a savings account through the Beehive Money app. All of our accounts are just for UK residents; we pay interest annually; and how often (and how much) you can withdraw depends on the account. Bear in mind too that any of our products can be withdrawn at any time.

Need help deciding? Choose how much you’re likely to deposit to see the estimated total interest you could earn in 12 months. We’ve calculated it using the AER (Annual Equivalent Rate), assuming you’ll put in the amount you’ve chosen on the day that account launches. This gives you an idea of how much interest you might earn, based on your deposit.

Things to know

Your gross rate is the amount of interest you’ll earn each year before tax. 

AER, or Annual Equivalent Rate, is designed to make savings accounts easier to compare. The AER will show you what your interest rate would be if interest was paid back into your account. For accounts that pay interest annually, the gross rate and the AER should be the same. For accounts that pay interest monthly the AER will be slightly higher than the gross rate. This is because if you leave your monthly interest in the account you’d start to earn interest on the interest.

Use the calculator below to get an idea of how much you could save, and the interest you could earn:


These are just estimates and they’re for illustrative purposes only. Deposit examples may not reflect actual product deposit limits. We’ve based our calculations on the assumptions that the account is opened the day it’s made available; the interest rate doesn’t change; interest is paid straight into your account; and that you don’t put in any more money or take it out. So, if any of these things change, so will the amount of money you earn on your deposit.

*We will pay your interest without tax taken off. It is your responsibility to declare any interest you earn over your personal savings allowance directly to HMRC. Your tax treatment will depend on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future, for further information please contact HMRC. AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate. It shows what the interest rate would be if the interest was re-invested in the account each year. Interest rates are variable unless otherwise stated.

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Ready to get started?


Download and sign up

Install the Beehive Money app and follow the instructions you see on your screen. Or, if you'd prefer, you can open an account online!


Take your pick of accounts

Once you have access to Beehive, choose from a regular saver or fixed rate savings account, an easy access account or a Lifetime ISA.


Set goals, achieve milestones

You’re more likely to achieve your dream if you set goals. Our goal tracker and a helpful milestone will help motivate you to save for a brighter future.

Your savings are protected

Your savings will be protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. There’s more about that here.


Looking for something different?

Don’t sweat it, we have a range of accounts you can choose from. Check them out below.

Lifetime ISA

If you’re 18-39 and looking to save for your first home, or set aside money for retirement, a Lifetime ISA could be ideal. This tax-free savings account is boosted by a 25% Government bonus, which means you could earn up to £1,000 a year in bonuses alone until you turn 50 – plus you’ll earn interest on top. 

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Easy access

Our easy access account is a flexible account with very few restrictions, which makes it a great choice for those who want to put away money but be able to access it at any time, without charges or penalties, and it’s never, ever ‘locked’ away.

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All savings accounts

Not sure about which account you’re after? You might want to lock your money away or maybe you’d rather have a pot you can dip into now and then, just in case. Whatever your goals and however you’d like to save, there’s an account for almost everyone at Beehive.

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