Bonfire night ideas that don't blow your budget

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By Beehive Money

Bonfire night on a budget

Funds may be a little tighter this year but there’s no reason not to celebrate with a bang this bonfire night. Here are a few things to remember, remember for the 5th of November.

Local display

Local displays can be a great for taking away the pressures and costs of organising a display of your own; however, some local displays charge for entry, so it’s worth having a look around to see what is best for your budget. If you are fortunate to live near a local vantage point have an evening stroll and watch everyone else’s displays.

Build your own bonfire

Why not have some fun collecting sticks and branches that have fallen to build your own bonfire. Taking a handful of twigs or driftwood is ok; just make sure you’re not chopping any trees or taking firewood without permission. Ensure that you’re building your bonfire in an open space without overhanging trees or anything nearby that can easily be set alight and not in a public place; unless you have been granted permission to do so. It’s important to make sure there are no by-laws preventing you from having a bonfire. If you’re up for a creative challenge, you could try making your own guy to sit on top.

Have your own display

If you feel safe and comfortable why not have your own display. Keep an eye out at your local supermarket (ensure they are a registered seller) and to see if fireworks have been discounted closer to the date. If you are having guests attend your display consider seeing if they will chip in to help spread the cost. If you are holding your own display be aware that there are laws for setting off fireworks; on bonfire night this can be done up until midnight, if you are lighting them on any other day of the year, even if you are celebrating a day later fireworks can’t be set of between 11pm and 7am the following morning. There should be a minimum of 5m distance from where the fireworks are being lit and any spectators, but please check the guidance on the pack of fireworks that you have purchased. Make sure you consider your local community as there may be veterans or people who are unable to tolerate loud sudden noises, as well as our furry friends.

Bonfire food & drink

Making your own food doesn’t have to break the budget or mean slaving away in the kitchen and missing out on the fun. Simple foods like jacket potatoes, chilli or hotdogs are easy to pre-cook and can be cooked in large volumes. If you are lighting your own fire, why not use that to cook the jacket potatoes. If you fancy a sweet treat you could toast marshmallows or make your own toffee apples. Don’t forget drinks! It’s all about keeping warm so hot chocolates, fruit juice or even a warmed cider can be perfect for outside.

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