Are you experiencing financial difficulties?

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By Beehive Money

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If for any reason your circumstances change you may worry that you're no longer able to pay for your mortgage. Don’t ignore the problem, the sooner you get in touch the sooner your lender can discuss the options which may be available to find a solution and help you through the difficult times.

What are your options?

Check to see if you have any protection

We suggest your initial step is checking to see if you have any protection in place that will cover your payments, such as mortgage payment protection insurance. If you do, check your policy to see if you can make a claim.

Speak to your mortgage lender

It's understandable that things can change from time to time which may mean you face unexpected financial difficulties. Contact your lender as soon as possible who will be able to explain the different support options available to you and will work with you so you can continue paying your mortgage.

Seek independent financial advice

Asking for further help is okay. If your finances are still causing you worries, there are organisations that offer free, independent and confidential money and debt advice that will support you the best they can.

Do everything you can

Making the most of every penny you have has never been more important if you're experiencing financial hardship. Organising your finances can be a big task but it's a great way of helping you save better. Getting a budget in place is the first step to seeing what you spend and how much you can save - the less you spend, the more you'll have each month. Take a look at our budget planner to see where you can make some savings.

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