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By Allie


This Pride Month at Beehive Money HQ we’ve been really busy educating our teams more about Pride, celebrating it and raising money for the charity Mermaids with our Pride themed bake off. Mermaids is a charity that has been helping gender-diverse kids, young people, and their families since 1995.

We’ve also been working with Scarlet Marie Davey Morgan, a transgender woman who’s also a member of the Allianz Global Pride Board, a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and LGBTQ+ advocate. We ran a virtual ‘A cuppa tea with Scarlet Marie’ session with our teams to share her story about coming out as a gay man and then a trans woman in the corporate world and allowing our team to ask the questions about the LGBTQ+ community that they’ve always wanted to know. Interested in how to be an amazing ally for the LGBTQ+ community? Scarlet Marie let's us know all about this and answers some of our team's questions.

“I’m straight, can I still go to Pride?”

Scarlet: "Of course you can. We want everyone! The rainbow flag supports everyone and was created as an inclusive flag. We want people to come with us and celebrate with us. The more people marching, the louder we are heard."

"Why do we need pronouns?"

Scarlet: "Prounouns are important. For example, if someone is married and is a 'Mrs' then she should have that right. If someone is a 'she' then she should demand that right. If someone wants to celebrate that he is a 'he' then he should celebrate. If someone wants to be 'they' and 'them' they should be supported not penalised."

"How can we all be amazing allies to the LGBTQ+ community?"

Scarlet: "Listen, learn and communicate. Don't be afraid to stand up for someone and worry that you're going to stick out like a sore thumb. Defend someone if you see someone else in the wrong."

"Where should we go if we have questions about the community without wanting to offend anybody?"

Scarlet: "I have an open LinkedIn page. Many people that work in the diversity sector have an open LinkedIn page too. Open to questions and open to giving you the answers that you need."

Interested in more Pride content? Visit our Instagram and TikTok for video versions of this content and check out our article all about 'Why we need Pride', too!

The featured content creator has been asked to take part in a Pride event with Beehive Money. However the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed belong solely to the content creator. 

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